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Airstrike Targets Hussein, Sons
CIA Believes Iraqi Leader Was in Building Leveled by Bombs

Long-Exiled Chalabi Gets His Chance
This is the make-or-break moment for Ahmad Chalabi, the U.S.-educated banker and convicted felon who has both impressed and alienated a string of U.S. administrations by portraying himself as the Spartacus of Iraq, a warrior-politician who could mobilize tens of thousands to oust Saddam Hussein.

Free of Hussein, Looters Rule Basra
British units in the southern city face little resistance as residents pillage and plunder on one of their first days of life without the dictator.

U.S. Tries New Kind of Urban Combat
Strategy of seizing key sites in Baghdad reflects growing belief that Iraqi resistance is weakening.

Builder Awaits Word on Bunker Made for Hussein
As U.S. troops tighten their noose around Baghdad, the man who built one of Saddam Hussein's underground bunkers is watching closely.

Speeding Cars Carry Threat of Bombing
At least six times, U.S. troops at a Baghdad palace fend off possible suicide attacks. In one instance, a Chevy takes on a battle tank.

"No Harm Was Intended" to Russian Convoy, U.S. Says
National security advisor Condoleezza Rice met President Vladimir V. Putin and other officials Monday, a day after a Russian diplomatic convoy came under fire in the Iraq war strongly opposed by Russian leaders.

Annan Talks Up Postwar U.N. Role
Arguing that the United Nations must play a role in rebuilding war-torn Iraq, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Monday that the international organization would bring legitimacy to any government that rises from the ruins of battle.

Arabs Watching Iraq Fall Feel the Gloom Spreading
Many Jordanians show signs of depression as the U.S. taking of Baghdad recalls other defeats.

Land's Broken Promise
As the Palestinian uprising drags on, Israel finds its economy at an all-time low. Many citizens find themselves part of the new poverty.

Castro Risks World's Ire, Envoy Says
U.S. diplomat decries harsh sentences meted out to dissidents. He predicts crackdown will anger those seeking improved Cuban ties.

Palestinian's Trial Suggests Arafat Link to Violence
Prosecutors try to show the defendant, a Fatah leader, is involved in terrorism. His lawyer says the case is an Israeli propaganda tool.

Muslim Terrorists Tied to 2 Blasts
Philippine officials suspect Jemaah Islamiah is behind the attacks that killed 37. Militants were earlier linked to deadly Bali bombings.

U.S. Pilot Dies in Colombia Crash
The unidentified civilian contractor was spraying drug crops for the State Department.

29 Tourists Are Missing in Algeria
Twenty-nine European tourists are missing in the Sahara Desert in Algeria, and officials fear they have been attacked or kidnapped.

More Aid Reaches the Port of Umm al Qasr
In the third delivery of aid to Iraq's main port, the British ship Sir Percival brought about 200 tons of rice and tea into Umm al Qasr on a day residents said they ordinarily would have been expected to celebrate an anniversary of the Baath Party.

2 Polish Journalists Reportedly Abducted
Armed Iraqis abducted two Polish reporters at a checkpoint south of Baghdad, their editors said. Marcin Firlej, 27, a reporter for the private TVN24 news channel, and Jacek Kaczmarek, 31, with Polish state radio, had set off from Nasiriyah with a group of journalists and were stopped near Hillah.

Jessica Lynch Enjoying Applesauce, Teddy Bear
Rescued prisoner of war Jessica Lynch's mood has been lifted by visits from her family at a hospital in Landstuhl -- not to mention the applesauce she had been craving and a teddy bear with a red, white and blue ribbon.

Police, Protesters Clash at British Embassy
Iranian police clashed with scores of antiwar protesters who threw stones and firecrackers at the British Embassy in Tehran, witnesses said.

Ex-Trevi Backup Singer Held for Trial in Rape
The former backup singer of imprisoned Mexican pop idol Gloria Trevi was ordered held for trial in Mexico on charges of aggravated rape, kidnapping and corruption of minors.

Cabinet-Level Talks With North Canceled
Cabinet-level talks between North and South Korea were abruptly canceled in a setback to efforts to get the North to give up its nuclear program.

U.S. Troops Break Through Iraqi Lines; POW Is Rescued
Marines roll toward Baghdad after routing a Republican Guard unit. The Army pushes past the âred line,' the city's defensive perimeter.

White House Divided Over Reconstruction
The Bush administration is deeply riven by disputes over postwar Iraq, particularly on three key issues -- the role of the United Nations, who will lead the country and which elements of the U.S. government will oversee its reconstruction, administration officials say.

As Combat Escalates, Sparing Civilians Gets Harder Too
The war in Iraq has entered a difficult phase in which protecting coalition forces without killing or wounding large numbers of civilians is growing harder by the day.

The Good Live Gives Way to Fear
As U.S. forces advance, a close-knit family's world is turned upside down by explosions that continue to rock Baghdad.

Prayers Are Answered in W. Virginia Hometown
Jessica Lynch, a 19-year-old Army private first class listed as missing in Iraq for nine days, has been rescued from an Iraqi hospital by U.S. special forces, military officials said Tuesday.

Kuwaitis Bullish About the Prospects in a Postwar Iraq
War rages to the north, and an Iraqi missile slammed into downtown Kuwait's seafront recently, damaging one of the city's biggest luxury malls. Just one day later, however, the Kuwait Stock Exchange closed at an all-time high.

A British Exercise in Stealthiness
Troops on the outskirts of Basra are using nighttime raids to probe Iraqi defenses as they await a bigger move for control of the city.

Inactivity of Iraqi Air Force a Cause of Concern for Allies
At an air command center in Saudi Arabia, American and British commanders watch their radar screens for signs of enemy aircraft.

U.S. Troops Mount Two-Pronged Battle to Capture Holy City
Some forces move to encircle Najaf, while others seek to strike psychological blows that include the razing of a Hussein statue.

Arnett Fuming at Loss of NBC Job
Peter Arnett said Tuesday he was upset with how NBC severed ties with him the day before, and sounded more defiant than apologetic over his decision to grant an interview to state-run Iraqi TV.

'It's Hard to Know Who Is Who' in War
Faced with deceptions by Iraqi fighters, U.S. commanders reinforce rules to troops on when to shoot and when to hold fire.

Saudis Again Urge Hussein to Step Aside
A call for the Iraqi president to âsacrifice' himself to end war receives angry reply.

GIs' Blues, in Black and White
Since 1861, the Stars and Stripes has been the paper for the common soldier. The gripes, fears and glories it chronicles have changed little.

Crash Kills Reporter and Camerawoman
Argentine freelance camerawoman Veronica Cabrera, 28, and TV reporter Mario Podesta, 52, were killed in a car crash outside Baghdad, officials said. Cabrera is the only woman among about a dozen journalists who have died covering the war in Iraq.

Business Group Reports Sales, Contacts Damaged
France's principal business federation acknowledged that an American backlash against French products and businesses has hurt sales, recruitment and business contacts.

Security Council Asks Blix to Give Briefing
The Security Council asked chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix to brief members next week, as the United States fielded its own disarmament teams inside Iraq. U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan wants inspections in Iraq to resume as soon as possible.

Commandos Got Secret Video for Lynch Rescue
An Iraqi working with American intelligence agencies used a hidden video camera to chart a course to the hospital room of Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, providing crucial information before her rescue, U.S. officials said.

3 Israelis, 3 Palestinians Die in West Bank, Gaza
In what the militant Islamic group Hamas called revenge for Israel's killing of one of its commanders, a man hurled grenades and sprayed gunfire in the Karni freight terminal where goods move between Israel and the Gaza Strip. Two Israeli workers were killed before the attacker was shot dead, the army said.

Hospitals Brace for Wounded
U.S. officials say facilities in Europe are prepared to handle an influx of casualties despite significant cutbacks.

19,000 Under Apartheid to Be Paid $3,890 Each
South African President Thabo Mbeki said his government would make a one-time payment of about $3,890 each to thousands of victims of apartheid. He also said his government would not be party to class-action lawsuits in U.S. courts seeking billions of dollars in damages from local and foreign companies accused of benefiting from nearly 50 years of white-minority rule.

British Explorer Reaches Geomagnetic North Pole
British explorer David Hempleman-Adams has become the first person to walk to the geomagnetic North Pole solo, his spokeswoman said.

21 Students, Teacher Killed in School Fire
A fire engulfed an old wooden school in the northern Siberian republic of Yakutia, killing 21 students and a teacher, emergency officials in Russia said.

8 Killed in Chechnya After Car Hits Mine
A car exploded after driving over a land mine in the Chechen capital of Grozny, killing five law enforcement officers and three civilians, officials said.