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U.S. Packs Carrots for South Asia
The Russians and Chinese haven't been able to do it. Neither have the other Asian nations meeting this week in Kazakhstan. So what can the United States bring to the crisis between India and Pakistan to ensure that the two nuclear powers don't go to war?

War of Words at Asia Summit
At gathering in Kazakhstan, Pakistan and India trade charges over attacks in Kashmir. Putin aims to get the two nuclear rivals to talk.

U.S. Finds Concern Over 'Iraq, the Sequel'
Allies' fears about a post-Hussein regime are blocking Bush's campaign.

Palestinian Court Orders Militant Freed
As the CIA chief arrives for talks, ruling on assassination suspect riles Israel. West Bank officials keep him jailed for his own safety.

U.S. Congressional Team Is Snubbed by North Korea
Delegates planned visit to smooth the way for dialogue but wound up being denied visas.

Canada Rejects Terror Charges
Ottawa wants the U.N. to take a man the U.S. linked to Al Qaeda off a suspects list. It cites a lack of evidence.

Party Rejoins Sharon Government
Israel's ultra-Orthodox Shas Party formally rejoined Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's government Monday, broadening his ruling majority two weeks after he fired Shas ministers for voting against an austerity plan.

U.S. to Boost Philippine Effort
Special Forces troops are to aid in the intensified hunt for Abu Sayyaf rebels.

Funding for Islamic Schools Cut
Pakistan has blocked financial assistance to 115 Islamic schools, known as madrasas, because of their alleged involvement in militancy, sectarian violence and terrorism, a senior cleric said Monday.

Envoy Says U.S. Will Back New Afghan Union
With a council to select a transitional regime about to begin, the diplomat aims to dispel the idea that the West is in charge.

Slain Missionary Is Mourned
Relatives, friends pray for victim's wife, injured in the raid in which he was killed.

Arafat, CIA Chief Discuss Security
Palestinian leader's plan to reform the bloated system leaves his people and Israel skeptical. In latest violence, a bus explodes.

Defense Chiefs Push Anti-Terrorism Role for NATO
European allies voiced support Thursday for plans to give the North Atlantic Treaty Organization more flexible rapid-reaction forces to project power to regions harboring terrorists.

Deeper U.S. Role in Asia Urged
American commanders advise the Pentagon chief to widen the Army's anti-terror effort, but he has doubts about costs and dangers.

Ahern Retained, Vows Pursuit of Belfast Peace
Incumbent Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern was reappointed as head of the government and said securing lasting peace in neighboring Northern Ireland was his top priority. He also pledged to keep the economy booming.

Chile's Storms Cause Chaos, Kill 9
Thousands flee homes. Copper production, stock market are disrupted.

Putin Fails in India-Pakistan Peace Bid
Russian president meets with leaders of two nuclear rivals at security summit. Direct negotiations don't appear likely soon.

Hong Kongers Mark 13th Anniversary of Tiananmen
In holding vigil, residents of territory exercise freedoms that mainlanders don't have.

2 Teens on Bus Killed in Thailand
Gunmen open fire on vehicle near Myanmar border, wounding 15.

Merry End to Queen's Fete
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II gave heartfelt thanks to her family and subjects as four days of pomp and pop-filled Golden Jubilee celebrations drew to a close Tuesday on a tidal wave of emotional support.

Palestinian Gunmen Kill 2 Israelis, Hurt 4
Two Palestinian gunmen infiltrated a Jewish settlement in the West Bank and killed at least two Israelis early today, officials said, hours after armored units moved into Jenin, enforcing a curfew on the 40,000 residents of the Palestinian city.

Syrian Dam Collapses; Villages Flood
A dam collapsed in northern Syria and flooded several villages Tuesday, killing at least two people, residents and officials said.

'Pay or Die' in Brazil
Kidnapping is on the rise in Latin America, fed by the falling economy. Bodyguard services and sales of bulletproof vehicles are booming.

Israelis Target Arafat Offices
It is unclear if the troops are trying to capture the Palestinian leader. Military action comes after a bus bombing kills soldiers.

On a Quiet Israel Road, a Bus Ride Ends in Carnage
Mickey Harel drove the same road Wednesday that he always drives through these piney hills. And just like any other dawn, the soldiers he picked up at daybreak dozed and daydreamed in the back of the crowded bus.

Pakistan Unmoved by Joint Patrol Idea
Officials note that archrival India had floated the plan for Kashmir before, to no avail. U.S. envoy is to arrive today for talks.

Lavish Latrines, Pretty Potties
Suwon, a World Cup host city, has spent $4 million to fix up its public toilets.

There's Nowhere to Hide in India, Pakistan
Neither nation has readied its citizens in the event of nuclear war. Officials pass the buck on who's responsible for civil defense.

Hunger Casts a Deep Shadow Over Malawi
Drought, floods and mismanagement of grain stores cause the nation's worst food crisis in 50 years. Countries nearby also face trouble.

Ex-Rebel Leader's Sanity Questioned
On trial for murder, Foday Sankoh appears incoherent and defiant.

Six Nations Formalize Regional Security Group
The leaders of Russia, China and four Central Asian nations anointed their security group as a full-fledged international organization and moved to strengthen cooperation against terrorism as they met for a summit in St. Petersburg.

6 Ancient Tombs Unearthed, Official Says
Archeologists have unearthed six 3,500-year-old tombs that they believe reveal important details about the structure of government in a period considered Egypt's golden age, said Zahi Hawass, the nation's top archeologist.

Death-by-Stoning Sentence Is Overturned
An Islamic court in Pakistan overturned the conviction of a woman who was to be stoned to death for adultery.

Foreign Minister Quits, Citing Health Reasons
Pakistani Foreign Minister Abdus Sattar said he had resigned on medical grounds. He confirmed a report in the English-language daily the Nation that quoted him as saying, "My health does not permit me to fulfill the responsibilities."

Army Clash in Sudan Kills 66 Insurgents
The Ugandan army said it had killed 66 rebels of the Lord's Resistance Army this week in southern Sudan, where it has waged a two-month campaign to flush out the rebels.

Nurse, U.S. Man Killed in Philippine Hostage Rescue
A third captive, the slain American's wife, is hurt. U.S. says it was not involved.

Indian Spy Plane Shot Down
Pakistan says it destroyed drone. Report comes only hours after U.S. envoy expresses optimism about cooling of rivals' tensions.

In a Jerusalem First, Gays Take to Streets
Marchers defy religious opposition to hold pride parade one organizer calls 'glorious.'

U.S. Dismisses Mexico's Plan to Ease Water Debt
Offer of 32 billion gallons over four months is too little, officials say.

U.S. Will Redeploy if S. Asia War Erupts
The U.S. plans to reposition American troops operating in and around Pakistan if war breaks out between India and Pakistan, Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Friday.

Shanghai Helping the Hard-to-Market Help Themselves
Entrepreneurs get tax breaks for employing some of the port city's million jobless. But willingness to do grunt tasks is in short supply.

Israeli Incursion Complicates U.S. Diplomacy Efforts
Ramallah raid comes on eve of Bush's talks in Washington with Mubarak and Sharon.

British Art Forger to Get Show of Fakes Under Own Name
A convicted forger who conned the world's greatest art experts for years is to have his own exhibition--of fakes--a British gallery owner said Friday.

Quebec OKs Legal Status for Same-Sex Couples
The Canadian province of Quebec, once staunchly conservative and strongly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, gave legal status to civil unions of same-sex couples, as well as permission for gay couples to adopt children, Atty. Gen. Paul Begin said.

Breaking Away From Herder Mentality
The tiny kingdom of Lesotho wants to bring boys off the hills and into the classroom.

Bush Refuses to Set Mideast Timetable
Egypt's president, Hosni Mubarak, says a target date for statehood would give Palestinians hope and curb extremism.

Hostage Describes Cross-Fire
Wife of slain missionary says he and a Filipina died in the gun battle during the army's rescue effort, her relatives report.

Late Inca Outpost Is Found in Peru
Remote site might have been a home of rulers and one of the civilization's last refuges.

Rumsfeld Next in Line to Attempt to Ease Tensions in South Asia
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld took the handoff Saturday from Richard L. Armitage, the deputy secretary of State, as America's relay diplomacy to end the crisis between India and Pakistan appeared to be yielding its first results.

One Afghan Woman's Determination Can't Be Veiled
At this week's grand council, delegate Lawangina Rahman will stress that the time has come for the female voice to be heard.

Interim Afghan Leader Given a Boost
Defense minister backs Karzai as the next head of state, signaling his break from ex-president's ranks.

West Bank Couple Were Shot to Death on Their Doorstep
Pregnant wife, soldier are latest victims of Palestinian incursions into Israeli settlements.

Militant Linked to 9/11 Suspect Held in French Bomb Plot
An Islamic militant with reported ties to accused Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui was placed under investigation Saturday in connection with a plot to blow up a cathedral in the eastern French city of Strasbourg, judicial officials said.

Thousands Demand New Way of Fighting Hunger
Thousands of demonstrators, including Indonesian, Mexican and African peasants, marched through Rome two days before an international food summit, to demand new tactics in the war on hunger.

Locust Swarms Prompt a State of Emergency
Russia has declared a state of emergency in at least 10 regions where locusts are swarming through farmlands, devouring crops, Russian television reported.

2 Soldiers Are Executed for Priest's Slaying
Two Ugandan soldiers were publicly executed after a military court found them guilty of murdering an Irish priest, a military official said.

Sinn Fein Wins Belfast Mayor's Post
The victory is a first for the IRA-linked party. A compromise- minded bloc on the City Council plays a key role in the outcome.

Queen's Palace Rocks for Jubilee
An estimated 1 million gather for Buckingham concert in honor of Elizabeth.

Israel Steps Up Bid to Sideline Arafat
Sharon and Bush will meet Monday, as U.S. tries to craft plans for a peace conference.