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Powell Takes Case Against Iraq To U.N.
Secretary of state's presentation includes satellite photos, tape recordings and charges of a „sinister nexus“ between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

Hussein Projects an Air of Determination
Observers say the Iraqi leader thinks he still has cards to play in standoff with U.S.

Powell Aide Promises Talks With N. Korea
Under pressure from anxious senators, Armitage says for first time that a direct exchange will occur.

A Faith Near to Heaven
A century and a half ago, French priests brought Catholicism to the Tibetan plateau. There it has endured, despite war, Maoism and rival religions.

With a Nudge, Ex-King Exits the Afghan Stage
Former king Mohammad Zaher Shah announced Monday that he wants neither to restore the monarchy nor to be elected head of state, apparently pressured by President Bush's envoy to bow out of the volatile loya jirga political process that will choose Afghanistan's next leader.

World Must Act to End Hunger, Summit Is Told
Forum: Progress in battling poverty is too slow, U.N. chief says. Conference in Italy is criticized for suggesting open trade as a solution.

Palestinian Reforms Needed for Peace Talks, Bush Says
Mideast: &Mac226;No one has confidence' in Arafat Cabinet, president says after meeting with Israeli leader. U.S. now devising plan for conference.

Israel Once More Forces Arafat Into House Arrest
Military: Incursion is the second time this spring that the Palestinian leader has been hemmed in. But officials insist militants are their target.

India Will Reopen Airspace to Pakistani Commercial Flights
Other sanctions remain, but New Delhi says it will consider additional conciliatory gestures as tensions over Kashmir ease.

Aid Groups Say Israel Impedes Relief Work
The U.N. ambulance had just dropped off a patient in critical condition at a West Bank hospital and was headed back to a nearby refugee camp when it came under fire. One bullet narrowly missed the oxygen tank. A second came within inches of a nurse's head. A third entered the back of 43-year-old assistant Kamal Hamdan, piercing his aorta and killing him almost immediately.

An Israeli Aims for the Stars
Israel's first astronaut, who lost relatives to Nazi death camps, will blast into orbit with a picture of the moon drawn by a Jewish child killed in World War II, the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial here announced Monday.

Reporter Tortured, Slain by Drug Lord, Police Say
An undercover TV journalist reporting on crime and drugs in Rio de Janeiro's shantytowns was tortured and put to death with a sword by a drug lord who runs his territory like a medieval fiefdom, police said.

Freedom of Information Law Signed by Fox
President Vicente Fox signed Mexico's first freedom of information law, exposing the government to greater public scrutiny.

Officer Among Two Killed in Soccer Riot
Police and politicians in Russia looked to place blame for riots that broke out during a broadcast of a World Cup match, leaving two dead, scores injured, and cars and shop windows damaged throughout much of Moscow's center.

U.S. Agrees to Sell Missiles to Switzerland
The U.S. Defense Department said it has approved the sale to Switzerland of 222 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles in a deal worth as much as $104 million.

Former Police Chief Shot Dead in Belgrade
Assailants gunned down a high-ranking police officer and former Belgrade police chief.

11 Communist Rebels Killed at Guerrilla Camp
Philippine troops shot 11 communist rebels to death in a raid on a mountain camp near the city of General Santos on Mindanao island, an army spokesman said.

Karzai Chosen as Leader, Vows to Rebuild Nation
Afghanistan: Even rivals join in celebrating what they see as a fresh start for the war-torn country.

Rumsfeld Moves to Allay Pakistani Ire
Asia: Defense secretary tones down his remarks about Al Qaeda presence in Kashmir. Despite the controversy, his peace mission is still on track.

S. African Schoolkids Take Defense Into Their Own Hands
A boy calmly approaches a girl, grabs her head with one hand and her throat with the other. The girl thrusts her knee toward the boy's genitals and pretends to jab him in the eyes with her fingers. As the boy's knees buckle and he feigns excruciating pain, the classroom erupts in laughter.

Opposition Delivers Blow to S. Korean Ruling Party
Elections: The majority of local and regional races go to conservatives as the gap between the two presidential front-runners vanishes.

As Argentina's Economy Sinks, Firebrand's Stock Is on the Rise
Politics: Elisa Carrio, a chain-smoking single mother who vows to revive the nation, is the front-runner among presidential hopefuls.

S. Korea Protests Incident at Its Consulate in Beijing
South Korea called in China's ambassador today to protest an incident in which Chinese police entered the South Korean Consulate compound in Beijing and grabbed a North Korean would-be asylum seeker, the Foreign Ministry said.

Arafat's Cabinet Meets After Delay
Mideast: Palestinian leader, addressing his new ministers, decries Israeli blockade.

U.S. Army Vehicle Hits 2 S. Koreans
Two South Korean girls died Thursday when a U.S. Army armored vehicle struck them during a training exercise in a suburb of Seoul, the Army said in a statement.

U.S. Consulate Car Bombing in Pakistan Kills 5
A suicide attacker crashed a bomb-laden car into a guard post outside the U.S. Consulate here this morning, killing five people and injuring dozens.

Food Summit Ends Without Consensus on Plan of Action
A U.N.-sponsored World Food Summit ended Thursday with calls to halt the scourge of hunger, but differences about how to go about it appeared wider than ever after four days of controversy and bickering.

300 Asylum Seekers Denied Refugee Status
More than 300 asylum seekers shipped to the Pacific nation of Nauru by Australia last year have been denied refugee status, and fears mounted that a boat carrying others has been lost at sea.

NATO-Led Forces Arrest 1992 Massacre Suspect
NATO-led peacekeepers in Bosnia-Herzegovina arrested a Bosnian Serb man who had been secretly indicted by the U.N. tribunal in the massacre of more than 200 people in August 1992.

World Military Spending Increased, Institute Says
World military spending grew 2% last year, according to official figures, but the increase is much bigger when outlays prompted by the Sept. 11 attacks are included, a security policy think tank said.

Democracy Leader Suu Kyi Leaves Capital
Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi left Yangon, Myanmar's capital, today on a pilgrimage to Thamanya mountain, her first trip to the countryside since her release from house arrest May 6.

Peacekeeping Mission on Cyprus Is Extended
The Security Council voted unanimously to extend through Dec. 15 the duration of the United Nations peacekeeping mission on the divided Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

34 Detainees Flown From Afghanistan to Cuba Base
The American military flew 34 more suspected Al Qaeda and Taliban captives Friday from Afghanistan to this U.S. base, bringing the prisoner population to 502, a U.S. official said.

Rebels Attack Military Base in Republic of Congo; 60 Killed
Rebels on Friday launched their first attack on Brazzaville since restarting this West African nation's civil war in March, and an army spokesman said 52 rebels, four army officers and four civilians were killed.

Where 'Thorn Birds' Could Have Kept Flying
Entertainment: The TV miniseries genre is flourishing in China. Advertisers and viewers have come to expect at least 20 episodes.

Security Measures Served U.S. Consulate Well in Blast
If there was anything positive to be gleaned from Friday's explosion outside a U.S. Consulate in Pakistan, it was that the many security measures implemented over the years to protect those working inside the facility appeared to serve their purpose.

Peruvian Cabinet OKs Request to Extradite Fujimori
The Peruvian government said Friday that the Cabinet had approved a formal request to extradite former President Alberto Fujimori from Japan on murder charges, and was translating the 600-page document to send to Tokyo.

Chain of Violence in Kashmir Unbroken
South Asia: Rumsfeld's shuttle diplomacy does not deter Indian and Pakistani shelling.

Failing Turkish Students Get Police Protection
Authorities in eastern Turkey have set up a hotline and are providing police escorts for schoolchildren who do poorly in their annual reports and fear punishment at home, officials said.

3 Ex-Berlin Wall Guards Acquitted in 1962 Shooting
Three former East German border guards were acquitted of shooting a 14-year-old boy as he escaped across the Berlin Wall four decades ago.

Beijing Says It Won't Release Asylum Seeker
China refused to free a North Korean asylum seeker seized inside the South Korean Consulate in Beijing and defended officers who kicked and punched South Korean diplomats who tried to stop them.

Gunmen Kill Another Lawmaker in Aceh
Two gunmen killed a lawmaker at his home in Indonesia's war-torn Aceh province.

Israeli Banker, Father Indicted in Money Fraud
A bank official and her father were indicted Thursday in one of the biggest embezzlement, fraud and money laundering cases in Israeli history, allegedly taking the money to pay off the gambling debts of the woman's brother.

Fear Hangs Over Tunisian Jews After Temple Attack
Murdoch Cohen is frightened, terribly frightened. He can't forget the day when a suicide bomber rammed a truck into the whitewashed wall of the ancient synagogue here, sending a blast of heat, fire, blood and bodies right toward him.